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When it comes to headings, knowing the difference between a double pleat and a tab top is the key to achieving the look you want for your curtains. Some headings look a little more formal than others and some can be adjusted slightly should you wish to move the curtains to a different window after some time.

Pencil pleat curtain

Pencil pleat curtains are informal and adjustable. You can alter the width of the curtains by pulling or loosening the strings in the heading tapes.

Eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are simple, informal and contemporary. They aren’t too bulky and will take up less space at the sides of your window when they are open than some of the pleated styles.

Double pleat curtain

Double pleat curtains are sometimes called pinch pleat or double pinch pleat. They are more formal and the heading is “fixed” so they will only fit the width of the window they are made for.

Tab top curtain

Tab top curtain is very informal, require no heading tape or hooks and use the least amount of fabric out of all headings

Single pleat curtain

Single pleat curtains are formal but modern and use less fabric than the double pleat or pencil pleat if space is limited.


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